An 8th Birthday Mermaid Cake!

Miss Charlie turned 8 recently and since we moved from the Sydney suburbs to the South Coast earlier this year, it seemed only fitting her birthday cake and party hat were mermaid themed this year.



We are still in the rental house while waiting to find the right house to buy in our new area (that is a whole other blog post!) and most of my baking supplies are still in boxes in the garage, so this was a Woolies Mudcake Hack (plus Woolies Mudcakes are delicious!). The filling was vanilla pudding mixed with thickened cream.

The icing was Swiss Meringue Buttercream coloured with Americolor Gel in Turquoise. I made a few different shades of turquoise to give a marble effect. It was a bit hard to see once the cake was decorated, so next time I would make sure the shades were more distinct or just use the one colour all over the cake.


My favourite part of this cake were the decorations, especially the mermaid tails and sea shells. I used silicone moulds (sourced on eBay) and white chocolate. I used the chocolate plain for the mermaid tails and painted them later. For the shells and starfish I added a tiny bit of Americolor Gel paste to the melted chocolate before filling the moulds. I have had success colouring small amounts of chocolate this way but have found if I add too much colour the whole mixture seizes up and turns into a grainy mess which I have to throw out, so be careful if you try this!

The mermaid tails I painted using lustre dust mixed with rose spirit and built up the layers of colour, as the blue and pink mixed it created a lovely purple colour too. I ended up making way more mermaid tails than I needed for the cake because painting them was so fun!

I discovered a fabulous product for the drip, that is actually called Chocolate Drip (the colour I used is Mermaid Blue). It was so easy to use and I am definitely a fan, it comes in a range of lovely colours too. The waves were made from coloured white chocolate which I spread out onto a baking tray and used the back of a spoon dragged across the surface to make the wave effect. The sand around the base was scotch finger biscuits crushed with a rolling pin.

The Birthday Girl was happy and that is the most important thing!


And a few more photos just for fun…

Thanks for reading along. If you have any questions or comments about my cake, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “An 8th Birthday Mermaid Cake!

  1. This is gorgeous! I’m making a mermaid cake for a friend’s birthday and this is giving me lots of inspiration and tips! Thank you!!

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