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Christmas Elf House DIY Project

A cute miniature Elf House is my first DIY project for Christmas 2017. It has been so much fun to make, I am saying it is finished but I have no doubt I will keep fussing with it and adding to it over the next few weeks!


I used the Stacking Tree from Kmart (which is a bargain at only $12.00). I painted it white using acrylic paint leftover from another project. The red and white background is scrapbooking paper I already had in my stash, I cut it to size and glued on. The floor of each level is woodgrain adhesive vinyl, also from Kmart.


Here are close up views of each level, I will add a list of where I got some of the main items at the end.

26 nov elf house 3

26 nov elf house 4a

26 nov elf house 5

The front door has a little scene showing Santa’s living room (well, what I imagine it to look like!) stuck behind it, so it does not open onto a blank wall.

26 nov elf house 11The fire is an image from the internet I printed onto glossy photo paper and cut to size. The stocking are buttons I found at Spotlight. The tablecloth, chair cushion and pillow I made from scraps of fabric.


26 Nov elf house 10a

I had originally planned to glue everything down and have the finished tree as a display piece only, but Miss Charlie (who is 6 years old) has already had so much fun playing with it and has been so gentle with everything that I have only stuck down the door, the lamp and the picket fence – everything else can be played with and rearranged. We have a little set of nutcracker men that she uses as the inhabitants of the house, it is so cute to watch her play and listen to the stories she makes up about the little family.

26 nov elf house 7

26 nov elf house 8


Stacking tree & green trees: Kmart

Red elf door, lamp, doormat, wreath, fireplace & presents: My Magical Moments

Deer & Nutcrackers: Bed Bath & Table

The chair, side table, rocking horse and miniature books : Ebay

The picket fence I had in my craft stash leftover from another project, I am not sure where I originally purchased it.

Thanks for readying along, I hope you have enjoyed seeing my little Elf House. I have no doubt it will bring hours of enjoyment to us this Christmas.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I will do my best to get back to you.

Until next time,


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